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David Alexander Straus David Alexander Straus

Writing books and sharing knowledge complements my estate planning and asset protection practice in ways that help me serve my clients better. Researching, educating, writing, lecturing and practicing in a field for which I have boundless passion makes me a better attorney, business owner, student and mentor.

I continue to enhance my own extensive knowledge by conducting continuing education courses in estate planning law and techniques for accountants, insurance professionals, financial professionals, real estate professionals and lawyers. Each of these books is intended to be informative for and consumed by both laypeople and professionals aspiring to ensure proper planning is accomplished.

Estate planning is a collaborative process, and I endeavor to involve my clients and their advisors through every step of constructing their customized estate plans — in the process, making informed, communicative, trusting and motivated partners of us all.

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Published Books I Have Authored And Co-Authored

  • Your Wealth, Your Family, Your Legacy, 2018 Read Synopsis

    Your Wealth, Your Family, Your Legacy 2018

    Estate planning is a process that ensures that the people and things important to you are treated in a manner you would approve of, both while you are living and after you are gone. It's about your family, not your financial statement. It's about your life and theirs, not about death. It’s a process that continues throughout your lifetime.

    Life brings changes, and certain changes can continually affect your estate and financial plan. This book gives some answers to questions about estate planning and the recent changes in the law and the tax system, written by experts in the estate planning field.

    It's written in a Question and Answer format which makes it easier to use, and it’s designed primarily as a reference tool that you can use to find answers on topics in which you are interested.

  • The Complete Guide to Estate & Financial Planning In
    Turbulent Times, 2013 (co-author) Read Synopsis

    The Complete Guide to Estate & Financial Planning in Turbulent Times, 2013 (co-author)

    The first edition of this book was published in 2010, when the American economy was struggling to recover from the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. By 2013, political, economic and employment turbulence was still prevalent and affecting all industries. This updated edition contains the same planning principles that remain critical today.

    Turbulent financial conditions can develop quickly and without much warning. You don't want to see vast sums of your wealth and legacy disappear because you weren't prepared. In this book, America's top attorneys and financial advisors answer the important questions that people just like you and other consumers are asking about estate planning, business planning, tax planning, charitable planning, planning for family members with special needs and legacy planning.

  • Faith-Based Estate Planning, 2008
    Read Synopsis

    Faith-Based Estate Planning, 2008

    Whether your beliefs are centered in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other faith-based tradition, you will find this book to be a comprehensive and practical guide to estate planning and end-of-life decisions.

    "David Straus, in his book, Faith-Based Estate Planning: Our Values and Valuables, offers the reader a well-spring of sound advice as it pertains to one's estate and creating not only a practical will, but also an ethical one. The exposure to the myriad of religious tenets that speak to this issue are presented in a way which informs and, as a most treasured byproduct, allows one to see the harmony amongst religious thought through its often otherwise cacophonous voices.

    "Having read through Straus' book, my interests have been piqued to explore deeper the commonality of our religious neighbors and create a guideline for living well so that we can die well. This fusion of economics and ethics, mores and menschlichkeit remind us all that life is not over when our physical presence ceases to walk the earth, goodness lives forever." — Cantor Steven Stoehr, International President, Cantors Assembly of America 2005 to 2007

  • Love Money Control, Reinventing Estate Planning, 2004 (co-author) Read Synopsis

    Love, Money, Control: Reinventing Estate Planning, 2004 (co-author)

    Love, Money, Control uses a question-and-answer format to explain basic and sophisticated concepts and strategies. Estate planning is more than just tax planning; it is a broad field that also encompasses family legacy, financial, retirement, disability, charitable, business succession and gift planning. It's a process of planning to maintain control of your own well-being and assets, take care of loved ones and save money.

    Co-authored with nationally heralded attorneys, educators and authors Robert A. Esperti and Renno L. Peterson of the Esperti Peterson Institute, this book is the product of an extensive national research and writing project that involved the participation of 69 of America's leading estate planning attorneys and financial advisors.

  • Generations, Planning Your Legacy, 1999 (co-author) Read Synopsis

    Generations: Planning Your Legacy, 1999 (co-author)

    Generations answers many vital questions on how you can reduce or eliminate the effects of income, estate, gift and capital gains taxes in light of law passed by Congress in 1996, 1997 and 1998, as well as new rulings issued by the courts, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand, question-and-answer format so that you can quickly pinpoint the specific topics that are relevant to your planning needs.

    Generations is the product of an extensive national research and writing project conducted by acclaimed authors Robert E. Esperti and Renno L. Peterson, and 136 members of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.

  • Legacy, Plan Protect and Preserve Your Estate, 1996 (co-author) Read Synopsis

    Legacy: Plan, Protect & Preserve Your Estate, 1996 (co-author)

    Legacy answers many vital questions on how you can reduce or eliminate the effects of income, estate, gift and capital gains taxes while planning to pass your legacy to loved ones without losing major portions of it to taxes and creditors. This book helps laypeople and estate planning professionals alike understand key principles of planning, protecting and preserving your estate.

    Legacy is the product of an extensive national research and writing project conducted by acclaimed authors Robert A. Esperti and Renno L. Peterson, and 85 members of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.