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At the Law Offices of David A. Straus, we work to ensure our clients avoid probate and estate administration through proactive estate planning. However, we do help estate managers in the distribution of an estate that is in probate. We represent beneficiaries, executors, heirs, charities, and foundations with claims to estates that go through the probate process.

Our attorney has over thirty years of experience as an estate planning and probate lawyer in Las Vegas. He holds an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Taxation, and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), certified in Illinois only. David also holds an LL.M in Entertainment and Media Law. We understand the tax ramifications and other challenges presented by the probate process and we help our clients throughout Nevada complete the probate process cost-effectively.

What Is the Probate Process in Nevada?

Probate is the legal process that distributes assets left by your will. The process usually requires a court proceeding. If you die without a will or other valid estate transferring device, your belongings will be subject to intestate succession which is the court-supervised method used to distribute property owned by a person who has left no will.

There is also living probate as a possibility, which is the court-supervised method of estate administration while a person who has done no planning is still alive but unable to make financial decisions due to being incapacitated or unable to communicate. Groucho Marx went through living probate, watching as his affairs were contentiously made public via a guardianship and conservatorship. Groucho Marx could have avoided all of this had he done proper planning.

Proactively Addressing Potential Problems

All property passing through probate, which generally includes all property that hasn’t been transferred in some other manner, is called your probate estate. Ideally, you’ll want to minimize the amount of property being transferred this way because your beneficiaries will have to wait to receive it due to delays in court proceedings. The property transferred in this manner is subject to probate fees, which are usually expensive and are a significant percentage of the property value.

Skilled Handling of Even the Most Complex Estates

We have experience in helping individuals and family members with complex probate matters such as multi-property probates, multi-million dollar properties, and commercial property probate matters. Also, if you live in another state and are wondering which state you need a probate lawyer in, call us today so we may help assist you. A lot of our clients are in other states with property that needs to be handled through probate in the state of Nevada. If you have a probate matter with properties in more than one state and one of the properties is in  Nevada, then we can help.

Estates which have real property owned out of state are common probate matters that our firm handles on a daily basis.

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