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How can you avoid issues with undue influence?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2023 | Estate Planning |

When you spend a lot of time with your older parents who are creating their will, you may want to protect yourself from accusations of undue influence. This is a term for when beneficiaries or other people think you are pressuring your parents to increase your inheritance.

Learning about practical ways to avoid any chance of people misinterpreting your actions when you are with your parents is key.

Let them attend meetings alone

According to the AARP, your parents’ meetings regarding any legal matters should be private. This helps prove that they do not feel pressured to change their will or give you a larger inheritance because of undue influence.

Your parents should also have clubs or other social activities they are part of. Not only will this keep them connected with others but it also proves you are not isolating them inside the house.

Stay polite with others

When discussing sensitive inheritance-related subjects with your siblings or other beneficiaries, watch what you say. If you act rudely to them in public or in front of other people, it may create suspicion if your parents do leave you more money or assets in their will.

Have them clarify why

Asking your parents to write a letter of intent can help explain to others why you are getting a large amount of money or certain items. This letter could include the reason for this difference, such as you spending more time and energy taking care of them in their senior years.

Taking steps to prevent any confusion when it comes to estate planning can help you and anyone leaving you an inheritance.