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What are some warning signs when picking an executor?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Estate Planning |

When you are planning your estate, picking the right person to handle your affairs after you die is important. This person, called the executor, deals with the wishes in your will.

However, not everyone is up for the job. Here are some signs to watch for that might mean someone is not the best fit to be your executor.

Not organized

One thing to keep an eye out for is if someone is not very organized or forgets important details. Being an executor means dealing with a lot of financial paperwork, like managing money and paying bills. If someone is not good at staying organized or often forgets things, they might not be the best person to handle these tasks.

Not good with people

Being able to talk openly to people is important for an executor. They need to be able to explain things clearly to beneficiaries, creditors and others involved in handling your estate. If someone is not good at communicating, whether in writing or speaking, it could cause problems or delays in getting your estate sorted out.

Not neutral

Sometimes, a person might have their own interests that could mess up their ability to do their job as an executor. For example, if they might get money from your estate or if they do not get along with some of the people who inherit your assets, it could cause problems and fights.

Not being reliable or available

It is important for an executor to be dependable and ready to help out when needed. If someone has a history of not being reliable or if they are hard to get in touch with, it could slow down the process of sorting out your estate.

Not aware

Lastly, it is important to think about whether someone has the experience and knowledge to handle being an executor. Managing someone’s estate can lead to complications and involves knowing about specific guidelines and laws. If this individual does not have experience or does not know much about these topics, they might not be the best person to be your executor.

Choosing the right person to manage your will can seem overwhelming at first. However, by paying attention to signs, you can pick someone who can handle the job well and make your final wishes happen.