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What are some helpful traits for your executor to have?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Estate Planning |

When you sit down to write your will and create an estate plan, you may not initially know who you want as your executor. This choice can affect various parts of your estate, such as who is overseeing the debts and talking with your beneficiaries, so making an informed choice is key.

Part of this choice is learning about the traits this person should have so that they can fulfill this role to the best of their ability.

Ready to work

According to Kiplinger, an executor should have the time and energy necessary to dedicate to the estate, since this role requires them to carry out your objectives. When they are in charge of the estate, they need to feel ready to commit this time to the task.

Although some people may hesitate because they do not live in the same state as you, make sure to reassure your first choice that it is possible to do this job over the internet for the most part. However, the executor should be willing to answer any questions from beneficiaries or deal with issues regarding inheritances.

Organized and good with paperwork

Since a large part of this job requires an executor to file paperwork and alert institutions of your death, this person needs to stay organized. They should have a good memory for deadlines and know how to keep track of assets.

Caring for an estate and any property you have is a serious role and you need someone who is willing to handle it respectfully.