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Estate Planning

Choosing a trustee

Many estate plans for residents of Nevada involve choosing a trustee to manage one of the many kinds of trusts that are used in estate plans. Therefore, choosing a proper trustee is one of the weightiest tasks faced by the maker of the trust (the “settlor”). Very few...

Amending a will in Nevada

As we get older, it is imperative that we create a will to ensure that our assets are distributed in accordance with our wishes. Once a will is created, it is also important to periodically update your will to ensure that it stays current and reflects your current...

Making a valid will in Nevada

Most people in Nevada understand that a valid will is necessary to dispose of a person’s property when that person dies. When asked what goes into a will, a large number of people will say “specific bequests” or “establishing a trust.” Very few Nevadans have any idea...